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ZACH born 1970
CAT (CATHERINE) born 1952
JANICE born 1969
BRAD born 1957
MARLENE born 1968
BART born 1965
HOMELESS MAN born 1943
BRAD'S DAD born 1925
POLICEMEN born in the 50's
Whenever each character first appears, dates of birth should be indicated wherever and however possible. And then they should disappear.
None of the action takes place in Ohio.
Most of the action takes place in Salem, Oregon on Thanksgiving Day Eve in the year 1993.
The rest of the action takes place before this.
Except for the final scene, which takes place a few years after it.
Got me?


This is a play with human animals. Humans are complicated. Humans do strange things. Even though this play is named "Ohio" the humans in this play know nothing about Ohio.
Playwrights as well are complicated and strange.


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