by: Molière



MAROTTE: Here is a footman asks if you are at home, and says his master is coming to see you.

MADELON: Learn, you dunce, to express yourself a little less vulgarly. Say, here is a necessary evil inquiring if it is commodious for you to become visible.

MAROTTE: I do not understand Latin, and have not learned philosophy out of Cyrus, as you have done.

MADELON: Impertinent creature! How can this be borne! And who is this footman's master?

MAROTTE: He told me it was the Marquis de Mascarille.

MADELON: Ah, my dear! A marquis! a marquis! Well, go and tell him we are visible. This is certainly some wit who has heard of us.

CATHOS: Undoubtedly, my dear.

MADELON: We had better receive him here in this parlour than in our room. Let us at least arrange our hair a little and maintain our reputation. Come in quickly, and reach us the Counsellor of the Graces.

MAROTTE: Upon my word, I do not know what sort of a beast that is; you must speak like a Christian if you would have me know your meaning.

CATHOS: Bring us the looking-glass, you blockhead! and take care not to contaminate its brightness by the communication of your image.