A monologue from the play by William Vaughn Moody

NOTE: The Great Divide was first published in 1906. It is now a public domain work and may be performed without royalties.

RUTH: That night, when we rode away from the justice's office at San Jacinto, and the sky began to brighten over the desert -- the ice that had gathered here -- [she touches her heart] -- began to melt in spite of me. And when the next night and the next day passed, and the next, and still you spared me and treated me with beautiful rough chivalry, I said to myself, "He has heard my prayers to him. He knows what a girl's heart is." As you rode before me down the arroyos, and up over the mesas, through the dazzling sunlight and the majestic silence, it seemed as if you were leading me out of a world of little codes and customs into a great new world. -- So it was for those first few days. -- And then -- and then -- I woke, and saw you standing in my tent door in the starlight ... and I knew before you spoke that we were lost.