A monologue from the play by Maurice Maeterlinck

NOTE: Mary Magdalene was published in 1911 by Dodd, Mead and Company, New York. It is now a public domain work and may be performed without royalties.

MARY MAGDALENE: He foretold this many times . . . that was because he knew the cowardice of those who pretended to love him! . . . Ah, men are great and heroic and proud! . . . The only men who have not fled, those who tremble least, the best of you discuss and argue as though they had to do with a measure of wheat; and the women are silent and weep! . . . Well, what do you say, my sisters? . . . Is not this the moment to show your love? . . . And those whom he has healed, where are they, what are they doing? . . . You there, who want to flee, blind Bartimaeus, the other one from Jericho, the other from Siloam: those eyes, which he has opened, you turn from me, because I have the courage to speak to you of him! . . . You, Simon the Leper, you, the other from Samaria, have you forgotten that, before he came, you were more hideous than death? . . . I see nothing around me but miracles in hiding! . . . The man whose hand was withered, the man who was healed of a dropsy on the Sabbath and the man of Gerasa possessed by a devil, who dares not lift up his head! . . . And among the palsied, he of Bethesda who is running to the door, using his legs only to forsake the God who healed him! . . . Even those whom he raised from the dead are afraid! . . . Why, look at Lazarus: he is more pale than any of you! . . . And yet you saw death, you; you lay touching it for four long days . . . Is it more terrible than men thought? . . . You do not answer?