A monologue from the play by Douglas Hill

Copyright © 1996 by Douglas Hill

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KAREN: Bill is not your family—I am. And Catherine is. And this farm. This is where we—We don't belong in there. We're out here. In the ground. We're out here eating away at all your time and attention. And you don't even want to touch us. Lee this is your family. We're swallowing up all your prayers and begging you to come out here and dance barefoot with us in the dirt and watch the moon take care of everything! And don't you look at me like I'm stupid! I'm not. I know how lucky I am to be here! And you better not forget how lucky you are too! [Beat.] I got a second chance after Marshall Valley to come back here. Because this is where I belong. And you got a second chance after your parole because you belong here too. And so does Catherine. There are all those traps out there but they can't keep us away. They can't tie us down anywhere else. That moon keeps pulling us back to this place. All of us. We belong here watching the moon raise that corn right out of the ground. And if the moon can pull me up out of the hospital and pull you out of prison, then it's gotta be able to pull Catherine right up out of the ground, too. And I'm not fourteen anymore, and you're not gonna give my child away like Momma did. I'm old enough to be having children of my own now. I'm twenty-two and I'm married, so Catherine is legitimate this time, and I know a lot more than I did back then. She's not going to anyone else. She's staying with me and the moon is on our side. [Pause.] If you have to send something out to that graveyard, send flowers, or a promise, or an IOU. I don't care. But don't take away my baby. I just want her back. That's all. Send someone else to the cemetery, I want my little girl.

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