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JANE: Listen, Moire. . . I'm good. I found my path. I am a performance artist! I have instincts, Sweetie. And a following. I know what they need even when they don't. I can talk whole new worlds for them and take them where they never knew they could go. I can make them laugh; I can make them cry; and they are in a big new place and are...are... transformed. And they come back for more - it's a built-in market with huge return business! And they don't have to dress up and go somewhere and hang out with a bunch of snooty strangers to find art -'s right there, at their fingertips. And my art can't be stolen from them and it won't be ruined by time, or lose value, because mine is a living art - always...always... um...reinventing itself! Yeah! Powerful and, and… um…and empowering! It's in your face,! Yeah! Audiophonic art. Oh think about it, Sweetie. We could branch out. Make a fortune, buy a house - have that baby? 1-900- WHISPER is a gold mine!

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