A list of plays, musicals, operas, etc. based on the story of Cinderella

Cinderella, one of the most popular of nursery heroines, has been the central figure of, and given the title to, the following (and other) plays, musicals, operas, pantomimes, burlesques, and extravaganzas:--

    • A pantomimic spectacle, Drury Lane, January 3, 1804.
    • A comic opera, music by Rossini ("Cenerentola"), and libretto by Rophino Lacy, first performed at Covent Garden on April 13, 1830, with Miss Paton in the title part, Misses Cawse and Hughes as Clorinda and Thisbe, Wood as Prince Felix, Keeley as Pedro, Penson as Pumpolino, etc.; revived at Drury Lane in May, 1856, with a cast including Miss F. Huddart, Henry Haigh, C. Durand, etc.; revived at the Holborn Theatre in 1874-5, with Miss C. Loseby, Miss K. Munroe, Miss Rose Lee, E. Cotte, C. Lyall, etc., in the cast; at Theatre Royal, Newcastle-on-Tyne, August 15, 1892, and, with libretto rearranged by Tom Robertson, Grand Islington, October 3, 1892.
    • A burlesque by Tom Taylor and Albert Smith, first performed at the Lyceum Theatre, London, on May 12, 1845, with Mrs. Keeley as the heroine, Miss Fairbrother as Rondeletia, Frank Matthews as Baron Soldoff, Alfred Wigan as the Prince, and Keeley as his servant.
    • A burlesque, at the Victoria Theatre, London, in October, 1846.
    • Cinderella, or, The Little Glass Slipper, a musical, Broadway Theatre, New York, January 15, 1855. The cast included William Harrison and Louisa Pyne.
    • A burlesque extravaganza by H.J. Byron, first performed at the Strand Theatre, London, on December 26, 1860, with Miss M. Oliver as Prince Poppetti, Miss C. Saunders as Dandino (his valet), Poynter as Alidoro (his tailor), J. Clarke as the Baron Balderdash, H.J. Turner as Buttoni (a page), J. Rogers as Clorinda, Miss Lavine as Thisbe, Miss M. Simpson as Cinderella, and Miss K. Carson.
    • A musical extravaganza written by Charles Dawson Shanely, music by Charles Koppitz; Winter Garden Theatre, New York, September 9, 1861. The cast included Ada Clifton, Mrs. George Skerrett, and Mrs. John Wood.
    • A pantomime by E.L. Blanchard, first performed at Covent Garden, December, 1864, with Clara Denvil as heroine, E. Danvers as Ugolino, the Payne family, etc.; revived at the Crystal Palace in December, 1874, with Miss Emmeline Cole, Mrs. Aynsley Cook, Miss Alice Mansfield, F. and W.H. Payne, etc.
    • Cinderella e la Comare, or, The Lover, The Lackey, and the Little Glass Slipper, a musical burlesque extravaganza with music by Thomas Baker, Olympic Theatre, New York, February 26, 1866. The cast included Amilie Harris, T.J. Hind, C.H. Morton, Louisa Myers, Eliza Newton, George Fawcett Rowe, J.H. Stoddart, and Mrs. John Wood.
    • Cinderella the Younger, an extravaganza in three acts, written by Alfred Thompson, composed by E. Jonas, and first performed at the Gaiety Theatre, London, September 23, 1871, with Miss Julia Matthews as Javotte, Miss Constance Loseby as Belezza, Miss Annie Tremaine as Pamela, J.D. Stoyle as Dodgerowski, J.G. Taylor as Prigowitz, and other parts by J. Maclean and Furneaux Cook; produced in Paris under the title Javotte in 1873.
    • A pantomime by W.M. Akhurst, Astley's (Sanger's National Amphiteatre), December 26, 1873, and Pavilion, Mile End, December 26, 1874.
    • A pantomime by Charles Rice, Covent Garden Theatre, December 27, 1875.
    • A burlesque extravaganza by J. Wilton Jones, Theatre Royal, Leicester, October 3, 1878.
    • A pantomime by H. Spry, Sanger's Amphitheatre, December 26, 1878.
    • A pantomime by E.L. Blanchard, Drury Lane, December 26, 1878, with Miss V. Vokes as Cinderella, Miss Jessie Vokes as Prince Amabel, Miss Ada Blanche as Bizarre (the Prince's page), Frederick Vokes as the Baron Pumpernickel, and Fawdon Vokes as Kobold, Miss Hudspeth as Vixena, and Miss Julia Warden as Pavonia (the sisters).
    • A pantomime by Frank W. Green and T.S. Clay, Marylebone Theatre, December 24, 1879.
    • Cinderella at School, a musical comedy by Woolson Morse, adapted from _Die Aschenbröden_, and first performed in New York at Daly's Theatre, March 5, 1881, with C. Leclercq, J. Lewis, Miss Ada Rehan, Mrs. Gilbert, and others in the cast.
    • A drama in three acts, by E. Towers, Pavilion Theatre, London, June 4, 1881.
    • A pantomime by Frank W. Green, Pavilion Theatre, London December 26, 1882.
    • A pantomime by E.L. Blanchard, Drury Lane, December 26, 1883.
    • A Little Opera for Big Children, and a Big Opera for Little Children, music by John Farmer, libretto by H.S. Leigh, Harrow, December, 1883; performed as an operatic recital at St. James Hall, May 2, 1884.
    • A pantomime by John Douglass, Standard Theatre, London, December 24, 1884.
    • A pantomime by Frank W. Green and Oswald Allen, Sanger's Amphitheatre, December 26, 1884.
    • A pantomime by F.C. Burnand, Crystal Palace Theatre, December 22, 1885.
    • A pantomime by Leopold Wagner, Mary-lebone Theatre, London, December 27, 1886.
    • A pantomime by W. Muskerry, Sanger's Theatre, London, December 27, 1886.
    • A pantomime, libretto by Richard Henry, music by Edward Solomon, Her Majesty's Theatre, London, December 26, 1889, with Miss Minnie Palmer as the heroine, Miss F. Robins as The Prince, H. Parkerk as Baron Brokestone, and other parts by Miss L. Linden, Miss Irene Verona, Miss Ella Chapman, Mrs. H. Leigh, Miss Ellis Jeffreys, Fawdon Vokes, J. Le Hay, Shiel Barry, and C. Coborn.
    • Cinder-Ellen Up Too Late, a burlesque in three acts, libretto by A.C. Torr (Fred Leslie) and W.T. Vincent, music by Meyer Lutz, originally produced in Australia; first performed in London at the Gaiety Theatre, on December 24, 1891, with Miss Kate James as the heroine, Miss Sylvia Grey and Miss Florence Levey as her sisters, E.J. Lonnen as Prince Belgravia, Arthur Williams as Sir Ludgate Hill, Fred Leslie as "a servant," and other parts by Miss M. Hobson, Miss E. Miller, Miss Maud Boyd, etc.
    • Cinderella the First, a comic opera in three acts, libretto by Arthur H. Ward, music by Henry Vernon; Bijou Theatre, Neath, August 29, 1892.
    • A pantomime, libretto by Fred Locke, music by C.S. Parker and J. Tabrar, Pavillion Theatre, London, December 26, 1892.
    • Cinderella the Second, A burletta in two tableaux, libretto by S. Boyle Lawrence, music by E. Bucalossi, first performed at the Bijou Theatre, Bayswater, London, in February 18, 1893, with S. Paxton as Cinderella and Miss R. Pounds as Prince Lothario.
    • A fairy pantomime, written by Horace Lennard, Lyceum Theatre, London, December 26, 1893, with Miss Ellaline Terriss as Cinderella, Miss C. Jecks as the Baroness, Miss K. Chard as the Prince, Miss S. Vaughan as the Fairy Godmother, V. Stevens as Thisbe, F. Emney as Clorinda, H. Parker as the Baron, and other parts by Deane Brand, W. Lugg, C. Lauri, Miss Minnie Terry, Miss Dora Barton, etc.; first performed at America at Abbey's Theatre, New York City, April 23, 1894.
    • A pantomime by George Conquest and Henry Spry, Surrey Theatre, December 26, 1893.
    • A fairy play in five scenes, by E. Nesbit (Mrs. Bland), New Cross Public Hall, London, February 21, 1894.
    • A pantomime by Sir Augustus Harris, Cecil Raleigh, and Arthur Sturgess, Drury Lane, December 26, 1895, with Miss Isa Bowman as Cinderella, Miss Ada Blanche as the Prince, Miss A. Dagmar as Dandini, Herbert Campbell as the Baron, Dan Leno as the Baroness, and other parts by L. Rignold, Miss Sophie Larkin, and Miss Emily Miller (as Cinderella's sisters), Miss Lily Harold, Miss M. Cornille, etc.
    • A pantomime by Geoffrey Thorn, Grand, Islington, December 26, 1896.
    • A pantomime by Deoffrey Thorn, Garrick Theatre, London, December 27, 1897, with Miss Grace Dudley as Cinderalla, Miss Helen Bertram as the Prince, W. Lugg as the Baron, Miss Kate Phillips as the Baroness, H. Nicholls and J. Le Hay as Cinderella's sisters, and other parts by F. Kaye, Miss Cicely Richards, etc.
    • A pantomime by E. Barwick, Broadway Theatre, Deptford, December 27, 1897.
    • Stubborn Cinderella, a musical, libretto by William M. Hough and Frank R. Adams, music by Joseph E. Howard, Broadway Theatre, New York, January 25, 1909.
    • A Kiss for Cinderella, a play by James M. Barrie, Empire Theatre, New York, December 25, 1916. The cast included Maude Adams, marking her final appearance on the New York stage; revived at the Music Box Theatre, New York, March 10, 1942.
    • Cinderella on Broadway, a musical in two acts written by Bert Grant and Al Goodman, Winter Garden Theatre, New York, June 24, 1920. This production enjoyed a run of 126 performances.
    • Naughty Cinderella, a play in three acts written by Avery Hopwood, from the French of Rene Peter and Henri Falk, featuring songs by A.L. Keith and Lee Sterling, Lyceum Theatre, New York, November 9, 1925. This production enjoyed a run of 121 performances.


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