Theatre Links: Playwriting


  • 10-Minute Plays - A collection of short plays for the stage.
  • David French - Official site of one of Canada’s most popular and critically-acclaimed playwrights.
  • Dramatists Guild of America - Professional association of American playwrights, composers, and lyricists.
  • Harold - The official site of British dramatist Harold Pinter.
  • Hilda Vleugels - Contemporary comedies by the Belgian playwright, with synopses and descriptions of set and characters.
  • James Whyle - Currently a senior writer on the hit South African daily series, ISIDINGO -- THE NEED.
  • Karen Mueller Bryson - Homepage of the Canadian playwright/novelist.
  • Marlowe/Shakespeare School of Thought Emporium - Website exploring the possibility that Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare were actually the same man.
  • Monologue Archive - An index of monologues by a wide variety of playwrights.
  • Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet - A complete annotated guide to the scholarly Shakespeare resources available on Internet.
  • Noël - Site provided by the Noel Coward Society, a club founded to celebrate the life and work of British dramatist Noël Coward.
  • NY Play Development, NYC - Lab program designed to provide the playwright with all the tools needed to develop and perfect the classic long-form stage work—the 2-act play.
  • - The official home page of the MFA Playwriting program at Ohio University.
  • Playwrights' Co-operative - A Not-For-Profit organization who aims to cut out the middle-men and profit-makers from the world of Theatre Publishing and give the individual playwright greater control in the marketing of his or her own work.
  • Playwrights Trivia - A fun trivia quiz on various playwrights.
  • Playwriting Quotes - A collection of quotes on the subject of playwriting.
  • The Shakespeare Authorship Page - Examines many prominent theories of Shakespearean authorship, while suggesting that the most likely author is Shakespeare himself.
  • Women of Color, Women of Words - A site dedicated to African American women who have gifted, shaken up, and disturbed the theatre world with their powerful words.

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