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  • The Coming of the Hallams - Their origin and professional standing. Preparations for an American tour. Robert Upton. The Murray-Kean troupe in Annapolis. Arrival of Lewis Hallam and his company at Williamsburg, VA. First performance of the company at Williamsburg. A Virginia theatre audience. The first theatrical prologue spoken in America.
  • Charlotte Saunders Cushman - A biography of the American actress.
  • Edwin Booth - A biography of the American actor.
  • Edwin Booth - An analysis of the actor's personality and achievements.
  • Hezekiah Linthicum Bateman - A biography of the American actor, his actress wife, Sidney Frances, and their children.
  • John Sleeper Clarke - A biography of the American actor.
  • Lewis Hallam in New York and Philadelphia - Difficulties with the authorities. Remarkable repertoire. Opposition overcome in the Quaker City. Death of Lewis Hallam. Rise of David Douglass. Invasion of New England. The moral dialogues. Thomson's Epilogue in Defence of the Player.
  • New York Honors Edwin Booth - News article describing the unveiling of the Edwin Booth Memorial in Gramercy Park, New York, in 1919.
  • Why Gloria Swanson is Always Broke - A 1919 interview with U.S. film actress Gloria Swanson.
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